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For those that desire to have a storage building on your property, you may do so if you adhere to the guidelines outlined below.

  • The storage facility must be a permanent structure, which means it must have a foundation.
  • The building cannot exceed 12×16 dimensions.
  • The building must be located behind your residence so that it is not visible from the street.
  • The building must match your home’s exterior, both in color, design, and material.
  • An architectural request form must be submitted along with the detailed plans and materials list.
  • The building cannot be used as a residence.

If you have a small, vinyl storage closet, these are allowed provided they are directly behind your home, such as next to a deck or patio area. Again, they cannot be visible from the street and are not allowed to sit against a fence on an adjoining property line.

Your covenants are designed to protect your property values.  It is important in a close-knit community to have such guidelines. Your caring commitment is needed for a strong homeowner’s association.  I hope you will join Association Management Group in our efforts to enhance and protect your community.

Architectural Review Form (ARF)