Goldsmith is offering another way to pay annual HOA dues online through Topsoft. If you would like to have an account created for you, please email Kelly Caris at with your name, street address, and email address and she will get you added.

Payment can be mailed or made online using either link below. Note, that if you pay online through TOPS using a credit card, they charge you $10.80. I hear there is a small fee if you use a bank account too. If using TOPS, then please note it will show a $0 blanace until March 1st. Dues are $360.
The Mutual of Omaha link has a free echeck option.
If you do not have an email address on file with Goldsmith, then a hard copy was mailed to your house on 1-29-20.
Pay Dues Online (TOPS)Pay Dues Online (Mutual of Omaha)