From the HOA BOD… This is probably the announcement you have been waiting for.


It will be open on Monday MAY 18th at NOON.

You are welcome to use the pool AT YOUR OWN RISK.  Please review DHEC’s recommendation for safe practices here.

DHEC required signage will be placed in the glass cabinet at the pool.

Two hand sanitizer stations have been purchased, but will not be delivered in time for the May 18th opening.  They will be placed at the pool upon receipt and will be located under surveillance.  No stand-alone umbrellas are permitted.

You may bring your own chair to the pool as long as it CANNOT damage the concrete.  Personal umbrellas will be permitted ONLY if they are the type that attaches to your chair directly.

As a reminder, if you owe any money to the HOA, then your pool fobs will not work until your account is brought current.  As a reminder to all residents, it is unlawful to open the gate for someone that is not your family member or guest.  Pool privileges will be revoked with any occurrence.

2020 pool rules were mailed to each home in April and are posted in the glass cabinet.  All pool rules must be followed at all times.  Any violation will result in the loss of use of all common areas and their privileges.

Furthermore, the events for May 16th and June 6th will both be rescheduled for a later date.  No social events are being considered at this time.

If you have any questions, then feel free to contact me directly.

Stay safe,

Kelly Caris, HOA President